IFSC Climbing World Championships

We’ve got a fair few registrations on the site since the weekend, which is awesome but pretty much no activity happening 🙁 😛

So guys! Head to the forum! Start some discussions topics, put stuff up for sale, post nonsense… whatever really. Don’t be shy lah.

Anyways, IFSC Climbing World Championships on right now in Paris, France and we’ve got Team Malaysia representing! As far as I know so far, Team Malaysia consists of Zam, Hakim, Khairul and Pei Shan.

IFSC World Championships 2012

The best part? We get to watch them live on the net!! So if you missed Zam during the World Cup last month, here’s your chance to redeem yourself to catch him and the rest of Team Malaysia compete.

Here are the times published on ifsc.tv – which is where you go to catch the live stream.

IFSC.tv timetable
Don’t ask me why there are like four things going on at 7pm today, I’m just as confused :S.

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