Sign the petition! Get PCP back!

So as everyone in the Malaysian climbing community knows, our beloved Putrajaya Challenge Park Climbing Gym (PCP) has been down due to a change in management for close to the past 2 months now.

As the largest climbing gym in South East Asia, PCP is a very valuable asset to the climbing community here. More than a world class climbing center, it serves as a hub for the climbing community in the greater Klang Valley to gather and mingle.

Putrajaya Challenge Park

In order to get this place up and running again, our buddy Leo has fired up a petition to be passed on to the relevant authorities and is spreading around facebook as I am typing this. So in case you haven’t got in a piece of the action, please take 2 minutes of your time to head to this link. Sign up! Get your friends to sign up! Get everybody to sign up!

Hopefully this will speed the process of getting our beloved gym back sooner.

Climb hard! Climb safe.