The Cleanup Aftermath

So the cleanup happened as scheduled last Sunday on the 20th with an amazing bunch of volunteers from the local climbing community. The cleanup was a wonderful initiative by our dear friends Bird, Lartz, Azlishah and Mr Stoned towards reclaiming and maintaining one of the oldest climbing areas in Malaysia, Nanyang and Roadshow Wall.

The event was well attended by over 30 people. Lemme see if i can get the full list out:

Bird, Sunday, Lartz, Azlishah, Zita, Eva, Izu, Fauzi, Shawn, Shahril, Hazel, Thom, Azrul, Azwar, Dyce, Fizza, Awis, Shamsul, YK, Amy, Ah Thong, Bryant, Davis, Nik, Ate, Wan, Ayie, Kechik, Liyana, Lukman, and Sham.

There was lots to take care of including removing overgrown weeds and vines, putting all the extra wood and construction material aside as well as all the litter that has been left behind by people over the years.

We also had to do A LOT of negotiations with the old indian uncle that lives there regarding what we could throw away and what he really wanted to keep. We had to do abit of compromising in the end and leave some of his stuff around.

We also did a fair bit of gardening up on Roadshow Wall, all thats still needed is a proper re-bolting initiative to replace all the rusty bolts and worn-out anchors. Also a little bit more of rubbish clearing around the area.

The wonderful volunteers and organisers even prepared food and drinks for everyone!!

We put up some “Do Not Throw Rubbish Here” signs in hopes that that people who come here (climbers included) will at least notice the sign and remember to bring their rubbish out with them.

All in all it was a great day and an awesome effort by all the volunteers to keep our crags clean and to discourage littering and other such bad habits us Malaysians tend to have.

Batu pun kena sapu
Scouting out trad lines in the upper walls
Hazel’s tiled walkway project
The day ended with… you guessed it! actual climbing. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Cleanup Aftermath

    1. He was not there at the day, Mr. Azizul but he did contribute something on the back end. hehehe
      I’m not sure if he wants me to mention what was it. 🙂

  1. Nice one!!! now its very much clean, clear and very comfortable place to climb. I don’t have worry about stepping onto shattered glass or rusted nails neither sharps woods any more.

    However, there is little bit more clean up works has to be done. Just a little bit more… Monitoring time to time needs everybody’s corporation…

    Best regards – Wan

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