The Malaysian Bolting Fund on The Star

So as we all know Patrick and the team behind the Malaysian Bolting Fund has been doing great work developing Takun in the past couple of years and it has steadily grown into an amazing spot for climbing. Today they get a two page spread in the star! (and we get a mention :D)

If you still havent heard of them, or heard of them but dont quite know what in the world it is… the Malaysian Bolting Fund (We’ll call them the MBF) is a small organisation dedicated to maintaining and developing crags around Malaysia. We see the potential for Malaysian outdoor climbing being brought up over and over again but potential counts for nothing if it isn’t realized.

Thats what the MBF is here to do, to put in the time, effort and organiziing the financials to maintain and develop the crags around Malaysia…. and YOUR help is always appreciated, whether in kind of money/time/effort. Keep in mind the work that goes in to this will ensure not only the safety of you and the climbers around you but getting new crags also means more fun! more adventures! and places to explore! đŸ™‚

To find out how you can contribute visit