Jerantut Topo Updated!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve had some updates on the Kg Paya Gunung, Jerantut routes section. Check it out here.

Kg Paya Gunung, Jerantut
All based on whatever information we could gather after a recent trip to the area. Still could use some additions/amendments. So if you guys have any updated or more accurate info, feel free to pop into the page to edit it or you could also just leave a comment.

There are also still tons of route pages to be updated so if you’re feeling like you want to put up some local climbing info on your local area pop into any of the other pages and start editing!

IFSC Climbing World Championships

We’ve got a fair few registrations on the site since the weekend, which is awesome but pretty much no activity happening 🙁 😛

So guys! Head to the forum! Start some discussions topics, put stuff up for sale, post nonsense… whatever really. Don’t be shy lah.

Anyways, IFSC Climbing World Championships on right now in Paris, France and we’ve got Team Malaysia representing! As far as I know so far, Team Malaysia consists of Zam, Hakim, Khairul and Pei Shan.

IFSC World Championships 2012

The best part? We get to watch them live on the net!! So if you missed Zam during the World Cup last month, here’s your chance to redeem yourself to catch him and the rest of Team Malaysia compete.

Here are the times published on – which is where you go to catch the live stream. timetable
Don’t ask me why there are like four things going on at 7pm today, I’m just as confused :S.

It’s Alive!

Finally have got this up and running! Welcome to Climb Malaysia!

Click on the Facebook Login button on the left to have an account linked to your Facebook Profile automatically created. Or you can just register for an account yourself.

Climb Malaysia has been a project I’ve been working on throughout the past few months, and hopefully with all your support we’ll bring this community alive!

The Main Objective

The main reason for Climb.My is to bring together climbers from all around the country.

I believe the Malaysian Rock Climbing scene is a very small and tight-knit community and you will always find yourself easily connected to that other climber two routes down through some mutual friend or something like that. Before this, we have been relying on facebook groups/sharing/word of mouth to communicate with each other.

With Climb.My we hope to bring together the entire community into one spot to talk and share about anything in the climbing scene in Malaysia, and beyond…


Are our climbing scene continues to grow and mature, more and more events such as competitions, workshops, talks, and maybe later on even something like the Reel Rock Film Tour! will start to appear in Malaysia.

Climb.My serves as a platform to promote all our events and even has a full fledged calendar built in to keep track of everything that is going on.

For now, I’ve only put in the Kelantan Rock Climbing Challenge and the GreenTrekkerz Charity Climb up, but feel free to drop in the events page and add in an event yourself!

A New Guide Book

The current Malaysian climbing guide book is a little more than out of date, and I figure the best way to keep us all updated on what climbs are out there, is to maintain an online guidebook that is maintained by our climbers for our climbers.

This will hopefully be a community driven initiative where we can keep track of new climbs, climbs that need maintenance, loose rock, nesting birds and other such information and updates.

All of these are still in its early development stages so we would definitely welcome any contributors with rough guides/maps/topo images and such to add to this.

Too Lazy? Didn’t Read?

Climb.My wants to unite the entire Malaysian climbing community into one big family.

It features:

  • A Discussion Forum to talk about anything really
  • An Events Calendar to keep track of our events and happenings
  • A Community Driven routes database to serve as an updated guidebook

It will take some time to get momentum going, but I encourage everyone to get all the climbers you know in here, active and talking on the forum. Do anything you want! Let me know if there are any issues with the site or any new functions we can add by commenting below

Lastly, we are always looking for people to help in anyway, moderators, contributors to share your stories, photos, web developers to keep the site up and running so do get in touch with me by sending me a PM on the site if you would like to help in any way. Any effort is much appreciated!

I sincerely believe this is the next step we need to take as a climbing community to get organized and work towards the future of climbing in Malaysia, and have tons of fun along the way :).

Climb Safe, Climb Hard!