It’s the Weekend!! Fixed Forum Posting Issues!!

Hey guys,

It’s the weekend!!! Where you guys running off to climb?? I’ll probably be hitting up Nanyang….

Just a quick update on the site. I’ve fixed up some issues that I’ve just noticed where all you guys have had problems posting in the forum. No wonder it was so quiet! And it took this long for someone to tell me :D?

Anyways thanks to Old Fart for giving me a heads up on this issue. Now go to the forums and get posting!!

Would also like to welcome Mr Ahmad Sunday onboard for volunteering to help out as one of our moderators as well as Cae as one of our editors!

Patrick has also kindly updated our route list for Bukit Takun. Which in my opinion is definitely well worth the extra 20 minutes drive and extra walk in for such an amazing area.

We’re always welcoming any help to build upon the community and help it grow with as much commitment as you’re able to give, no pressure! Just drop us a message or something!