A large part of the site is to maintain a community driven routes database/climbing guide to Malaysia. Our current guide by our friendly neighbours at Climb Asia is already a little more than out of date.

This online version of the guide will let us easily update routes in the case of any changes such as loose rock, worn out hardware, nesting birds or any other additions/changes. And the best part? It’s all community driven so climbers keep it updated for other climbers (at least we hope that’s the case :P)

You should find that you will be able to edit these inner pages via a link at the bottom so go ahead and start updating and inserting routes if you have the time!

9 thoughts on “Routes

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Good job here, yes the Climb Malaysia book is quite outdated. I have areas to add for Sarawak – have done some route development here since 2008 slowly but steadily:
      – Bako
      – Serian
      – Kuching
      Also I will update Malcolm’s Bau section – it is a bit outdated and there is some update regarding access. But I think I can just do that – anybody can edit right?


        1. Hi Shawn, I’m working on the routes it is actually quite some work. I like the default, it can actually be useful on a hand phone (HD resolution).
          I like Patrick’s style using a table for the route – but not sure all the equipper information is that interesting to the reader. Normally the person doing the F.A. and when is given. Not that I don’t want to give credit, I do pay a lot on bolting myself but it is just the way it is.
          Maybe a suggestion: Could we add a link to theroute name, so another window pops up with a route description, equipper whatever. The route list is good but sometimes a description helps to identify which climb you are looking at.
          Another thought: I like the free access you give to users, also to edit pages. But then: do you backup the pages? Think about this: somebody comes in, signs up and deletes whole pages than hits “update”. Gone is all that work.

          1. Hey Alex, thanks for the suggestion! You bring up very valid points.

            Feel free to use any format you want to, perhaps something like this would work better for your preference:

            I would like to expand this to a full fledged online repository with each individual routes having their own page and details. However apart from limitation of time i have to develop this site, doing so will also make it more complicated for people to upload and edit the guide at the moment. Right now a person can go in and edit/update their favourite crag in any way they like without having to adhere to any template.

            It’s definitely in the plans structure this site more efficiently, maybe take out the less utilised forum and focus on a full feature online climbing guide.

            And yes I do have a backup of every change done much like a wiki, so I can revert if anything goes really wrong. We’ll hope it never comes to that 🙂

  1. Anybody here who climbed Batu Lawi in 2007? Or tehe 2013 Indonesian ascent? Would be great to get some information on the route(s) – for the records and other parties.

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