Kampung Paya Gunung, Jerantut

Kg Paya Gunung, Jerantut

The Kampung Paya Gunung Pinnacle is a free standing monolith with two distinct peaks namely Paya Gunung Tower A for the main peak and Paya Gunung Tower B for another peak. Through a multi-pitch climb or Via Ferrata will take you straight to the top of the main peak while the second peak can only be accessed by another Via Ferrata route.

Roszaman (Abang Man), Zulhairan and few youngsters from Kampung Paya Gunung had develop the first climbing area at Paya Gunung Tower A back in 2007. For two weeks, they managed to open 14 climbing routes at the front part of the Tower A. One month after the first development on the front part, they opened another 10 routes at the back side of Paya Gunung Tower A  which is called Stone Garden. On October 2017, 2 new lines were open by Abang Man and Aril together with the help of Kampung Paya Gunung youngsters which is waiting to be climbed! Climbers that come climbing here will be asked for a small fee from the locals, treat it as a donation for all of the bolting efforts and development of this area. There is still a fair bit of loose rock in the area so a helmet is highly advised.

Via Ferrata

On May 2017, a Via Ferrata route at the Paya Gunung Tower A was set that allows visitors to reach the summit. Then, on October 2017, another Via Ferrata route had been properly set up at the Paya Gunung Tower B that connects it all the way to the peak. You will need to pay for the Via Ferrata session that includes guides and safety equipment.

How to Get Here

From Jerantut town, take Highway 64 out east all the way past the Termeloh turnoff (where there is a big mosque). Keep going for 4.1KMs past this turnoff and take a right turn into a small slip road next to a concrete bus stop/hut. Take the first right and drive straight along the kampung road for about 10 mins till you reach the end. You should be able to see the pinnacle by now. Make a right when the road splits at the base and park your car around the area. Watch out to not park it too close to the cliff in case of falling loose rocks.

Map to Kg. Paya Gunung

The GPS coordinates for the place is 3.931048, 102.411532.

Morning/Afternoon Sun

Front-side area is shaded in the morning and will get hot on the afternoon.

Stone Garden area is shaded all day long because it is surrounded by tall trees.

Contact Person

Abang Rie: +601117876457      Abang Zu: +60127009471

Khayyam: +60199839822        Pian: +60199267679

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Front-Side: Paya Gunung Tower A

The front-side is the obvious wall you first come to when you park your car. Climb start from the right side of the rock.



To get to the back-side, follow the wall right and scramble up the slope. 15 meters in, veer right away from the wall and follow the faint track till you get to a buttress with a cave opening below it.

Climbs start from the left to the right, with the first climb starting right above the cave.

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  1. Nice one dude. keep up the good work !

    *ps – For the route no 9 & 10, beware of the wasps nest 3 meters above the anchors (as big as 20″ crt color monitor).

  2. I was there a few months ago, but no one came by to collect any money. I noticed that the hangers on the first bolts on the climbs on the “front” of the crag had been removed. Any idea why?

    Also, thanks for setting up this forum/community. About time we had one! BTW how does one post or reply to messages on the forum?

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      Well one of the explanation they gave was that it was they took it out themselves to place and set up other routes, doesn’t justify it though imho 🙁

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