Karam Balau, Kampung Juara

Karam Balau at Kampung Juara hosts about 20 climbs in the easy to moderate range. Boasting an amazing panoramic view of the entire Kampung Juara on some of the taller climbs. At the moment I have yet to find any information on the climbs here, so if anyone has any info to offer do post it up.

The view from the top of the crag


How to Get Here

To get to Karam Balau, head north along the Juara coastline to the edge of the village. Cross a shallow freshwater stream and spot the faint roped track that will lead you on a steep 5-10 minute scramble to the crag. If you really need directions, ask the guys from the Juara Coconuts Cafe to guide you there for a small fee.

Morning/Afternoon Sun

Morning Sun, afternoon shade, base of crag should stay shady all day.