Kampung Nipah

Slab wall with a variety of routes.

How to Get Here

Ask a water taxi to take you to Kampung Nipah, will cost you above RM25 depending on where you are coming from in Tioman. As far as I know the main Ferry from Mersing doesnt take you there directly.

Morning/Afternoon Sun

Insert sun factor here

Route topo of Nipah I snapped at Juara Coconuts Cafe

5 thoughts on “Kampung Nipah

  1. solid slab ..bolt there about 5 years now..still solid…good…but some hangar got STOLEN and my petzl quicdraw lost too, after things spreading out over internet…anybody can go to this place..but pls do come with ethics and respect to those putting thousand RM..lead bolting this slab…

  2. Bring a parang to clear the undergrowth. I surveyed the routes along Soyok and Tam Tam and noticed some of the hangers have indeed gone missing. What a shame!

    Best time to climb is around 4-5 PM. Direct exposure to sun during most of the day.

    1. I relied on a local boat boy who has been there before. I have some photos of the approach and crag itself, and I can send them over.

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