Jesselton Park

Keep the noise level low when approaching the site!
Car pooling is advised!!

Jesselton Park is located in a super easily accessible spot behind a small guarded neighbourhood of big rich bungalows. So, keep the noise level low when approaching the site. You will have to pass through a guardhouse but they’re okay with climbers coming through and there has been no restriction of access so far. Reduce parking vehicles, car pooling is advised!!


We just need climbers to keep the area clean, respect the environment & practice safe climbing. A happy & rewarding climbing trip is what we want to achieve at the end of the day.

How to Get Here:

Enter Taman Jesselton Avenue by car (walking, if you choose to do so, from georgetown will take you approximately an hour) and park at the dead end in front of a large bungalow estate. There is one valley to walk in and while walking in there is a hidden path into the crags on your left.

Rock Type:


Morning/Afternoon Sun:

The main wall stays in the shade throughout the day, the east wall gets morning sun until later in the afternoon as it faces the east.

The climbing area mainly consists of two walls. You will first notice the obvious main wall on your left as you arrive through the trail. The east wall is the large slabby wall directly in front of you across the other side of the valley. All routes are listed left to right.

Main Wall Routes


Main Wall – Left Side
1. Si Katik Sadis – Grade 6c / 4 Bolts / 6 Meter.
2. Sister Psychosis – Grade 6a+ / 4 Bolts / 6 Meter.
3. You, Me and Dog Named Blue – Grade 6a+ / 4 Bolts / 6 Meter.
4. The Cream of Extreme – Grade 6b  / 6 Bolts / 9 Meter.
5. From London With Love – – Grade 6a / 6 Bolts / 15 Meter.
6. The Tooth – Grade 6a+ / 6 Bolts / 16 Meter.
7. Dead Monkey – Grade 6a / 7 Bolts / 16 Meter.


Main Wall – Right
8. Whistle Blower – Grade 6c+ / 7 Bolts / 17 Meter.
9. Route Un Named Route – Grade 7c+ / 9 Bolts / 17 Meter.
10. No Man’s Land Direct – Grade 7b / 8 Bolts / 18 Meter.
11. No Man’s Land – Grade 7a+ / 8 Bolts / 18 Meter.
12. Route Un named  – Grade 7b / 11 Bolts / 18 Meter.
13. Propered Anchor – Grade 7a / 8 Bolts / 18 Meter.
14. Monsoon – Grade 7c+ to 8a / 9 Bolts / 18 Meter.


East Wall Routes


First Multipitch (5c – 7a)
15. First Multipitch – Grade 5c to 7a / 8 Meter.
16. No Name Slab Climb – Grade 5c / 10 Meter.
17. <unnamed> – Grade 5c / ?? Meter.


East Wall


Edited by Kalvin Khoo and Shawn Liam

25 thoughts on “Jesselton Park

    1. Hi Shane,

      Did you ever make it to Jesselton? if so, how was it? I’ll be moving to Penang in January (I know it’s far off), but I’d love to get out and climb once I get there.

      1. Hi Katie, sorry, I just saw this. If you are still in Penang I’d be happy to meet up at Jesselton some day. You can txt or call me at 012-4965231. I’m in the US now but will be back in penang later this week.

        1. Hi,

          I’m going to be in Penang for work Mar 10-20, any chance I could meet up with some climbing partners? I just started bouldering a few months ago and would love to try some new places. Are there any indoor gyms I could hit after I get done with work? Thanks!


  1. Hi! I will be on vacation in Georgetown at the end of the year. Are the walls under good maintenance/clean? Are there any other options for climbing (indoor or outdoor) in Penang? Many thanks

      1. Perfect! Sorry for the late reply, I did not receive any notification about your post. I would like to contact the local group, maybe we can climb together. Do you have any info about them? Thanks a million!

  2. me and a friend coming here on monday for a couple of days, we have all our won stuff, was just wondering on condition of crag? still good? accessibility? thanks alot

  3. I’m over here for a couple of days and wondering if anyone would be up for a climb…. only thing is I only have shoes and chalk as just come from doing some DWS in thailand will belay for free haha 😉

  4. Hi everybody! Your information about Penang is very good. Unfortunately there is no mention that it is impossible to reach the place by foot or by taxi from the city. Could you please update it? Thanks in advance

  5. The place is very nice! Rocks and routes are good.. but unfortunately not so many routes :((( and could be done by one day, I really want to come back to do it again. Bring mosquito coil.. mosquitoes are very hungry there!

  6. Hey! i’m going to Penang tomorrow, maybe stay a week. I looking for a partner! I have rope and QuickDraws. See you! Nil

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