Batu Kurau

Batu Kurau has recently seen development in 2016 with bolting efforts by the local climbing community lead by Abang Yen and equipment and gear support from Camp5, Verticale, Bolder Ventures, Riverfront Chalet, Akmal Noor, Chaer, Pak Ngah, Pak Non, Najib Tahir, Persatuan Mendaki Malaysia, Persatuan Mendaki Taiping and the Malaysian Bolting Fund.

How to Get Here

Make your way to Kampung Perak, in the Batu Kurau district of Perak. Between asking around friendly locals and signboards, find your way to Gunung Kurau where the routes are at. You can also use this coordinate to get to the crags: 4.9304690, 100.8174980

Morning/Afternoon Sun

The wall gets sun in the morning so best to climb in the afternoons.

Road Side: Section A

Section A, Batu Kurau 

# Route Name Difficulty Length (m) # of Bolts Bolted by First Ascent Date
1 Cari Makan For Life 5c+ 6 2  Syahmi Farhah 28/8/2016
2 Jiggly Baby 6a 6 3 Syazwan @ Awang Zaim 28/8/2016
3 Relationship Goals 6a 15 6  Haziq Fiza 4/4/2016
4 Jatuh Bangun 5c 13 6  Akmal Afif Yaya 4/4/2016


Road Side: Section B

# Route Name Difficulty Length (m) # of Bolts Bolted by First Ascent Date
5 Kambing Makan Durian 6c+/7a 15 4 Aril Syahmi 29/8/2016
6 Argentina 6a+ 15 5 Idham Kasnin Ibrahim Nasir 4/4/2016
7 Abang US 6c 20 9 Aril Azlan Zarool 3/9/2016
8 No Edge; “No More Top Rope, Berg!” 7a+ 16 6 Faiz @ Mat Berg Aril 29/8/2016


River Side

# Route Name Difficulty Length (m) # of Bolts Bolted by First Ascent Date
9 Hazman Para… lised 6b+ 21 10 Ibrahim Nasir Idham Kasnin 3/4/2016
10 Unfinished Route ?? ?? ?? Amirul & Nasrul ?? ??
11 Route Perlis 6c 10 3 Amirul Wan Shahrul 3/4/2016
12 Lompat! 6c 10 3 Amirul Wan Shahrul 3/4/2016



Last edited by: Shawn Liam

Topo by: Muhamad Syahmi Farhan

Meeste mannen doen door te spelen op de onzekerheden van mensen. Door mannen voor de vergrote prostaat en blaashals en verwijdt.

3 thoughts on “Batu Kurau

  1. Have tried the spot last weekend. Didnt climb on Road side sections – not so nice for belay – you literally have to belay from road with some traffic and half of Road section B blocked by parked cars. The River side is nice. There are few new routes which you cant find on topo. What is grade the route #10 – Unfinished Route? looks like awesome but hard route ( was scared to try… ) Thanks!

    1. Atiqah,

      Don’t think you have to pay.. Just turn up and climb. I might try to go there in the next couple of days too.

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