Kuching – DBKU Boulders

These boulders are located within the public land of the park surrounding the DBKU (Northern Kuching City Hall) hill. They have some easy grade routes with good friction and large holds, which makes them ideal for beginners and even small children.

History and Maintainance

The boulders were discovered for climbing in 2010 by Alex. Together with Noh they did most of the cleaning.  The grass is cut regularly as part of the park maintenance – they will not overgrow.


No issues as the boulders are located inside the public DBKU park.

How to get there

GPS Coordinates:  1°35’18.3″N, 110°19’55.5″E

DBKU is the North Kuching City Hall (Cat Museum), which is a prominent landmark located on a hill. The Boulders are at the northern foot of that hill. Drive past the roundabout (not up the hill to the city hall) and take the next possible right turn, then turn right again onto the gravel road.

Natural Conditions: Sun, Bugs

Early morning (in the dry season) and late afternoon. There are lots of mosquitos as the meadow is swampy. Bring insect repellant and/or place mosquito coils.

Rock Type

? Soft granite or hard sandstone?


Good. There are many easy boulder problems (below V0) and the area is generally flat and covered by grass.


GPS Coordinates:  1°35’19.5″N, 110°20’00.2″E

# Name Grade Sit Start
First Ascent
Spare Ribs V1 Alexander Hölke, Aug. 2012
V3 Noh Muhammad, Aug. 2011
? V4 yes Ch’ien Lee, April. 2011
Pinch It!
V0 Noh Muhammad, July 2010
The Big Jug V0 Noh Muhammad, July 2010
V1 Noh Muhammad, Aug 2010
V2 yes Ch’ien Lee, Sept 2010
 ? V1  – Noh Muhammad, Aug. 2010
Variant V2 yes Noh Muhammad, Sept. 2010
Project (The Dyno) V5?
Variant V4 Alexander Hölke, Aug. 2011
Friction Slab V0 Alexander Hölke, Aug. 2011

Area 2

This is the smaller of the boulder with on problem on the south side and many easy problems around it.

# Name Grade Sit Start
First Ascent
V1 Alexander Hölke, Aug. 2011