Serian – Gunung Buros

Gunong Buros is small but steep limestone mountain visible from the road. It is placed close to Kampong Bantang and Kampong Jenan.


The mountain is located on the land of Kampong Jenan. Call the Kampong Chief (Babeh Meh Jen +60 82 89 5292) and let him know you want to climb there. He speaks Malay and Bidayuh – but not English.

Be careful not to step on the crops. The land belongs to Maynet Lingong +60 13 805 8536. (The houses by the road belong to different people)

How to Get Here

GPS Coordinates:  1°10’04.2″N, 110°28’07.5″E

From Kuching drive south towards Serian. After about 45km turn right following the signs to Kampung Taee, there are some shops at this intersection. Follow the road for 8km just past Kampung Bantang. There are two obvious rock face visible from the road. Buros is the smaller mountain to the left. Take the trail between the houses with small bamboo bridges aross several creeks.

Morning Sun

The front side visible from the road is facing north-east. Specifically this means that during the dry season (June) only after 3pm there is shade, while in the wet season (December) it is in the shade from 11am. Best time to climb is Oct-Nov after 12pm, when the heavy rains haven’t come and at the same time the sun is not hitting the wall for most of the day any more.

Sectors and Route Description

There is currently one sector.

White Magic

GPS Coordinates:  1°10’06.5″N, 110°28’08.9″E

This wall has beautiful white rock with interestingly shaped features. The left hand side is overhanging with hard and pumpy routes. The right hand side is less steep and has many pockets and features which results in a number of moderate routes. From the road take the trail between the houses. After crossing the 3rd small bamboo bridge turn right and follow the trail to the mountain. There is a large cave entrance and White Magic wall is to the right of this entrance.

Note: Climb ⑧  The Roof Tube is starting off a ledge accessed by climbing up the first few meters of ⑦ Ow! Ow! then setting belay at the large sling around the tufa.
Note: as of Oct. 2015 this ledge is overgrown with vines.

# Name Grade
Slings First Ascent
Wing Chun*
6b 20 7 1 Yi Chuan, Jan. 2012
Evil Chimney
7a+ 8 15 Noh Muhammad, July 2011
Jug Party
6c 12 6 Alexander Hölke, Sept. 2011
Cleaning Lady* 5c 20 8 Ateng Safardi, Aug. 2011
Ow! Ow!*
6a+ 20 8 Noh Muhammad, Apr. 2011
The Roof Tube
6b 12 5 1 Alexander Hölke, Apr. 2011