Bukit Takun

East face of Bukit Takun

Bukit Takun is a beautiful gigantic limestone outcrop sitting on a granite base, surrounded by real jungle and  the Templer’s Golf Course. The Cliff is around 300m in height, the longest continuous walls are up to 230m. The crag hosts a variety of single and long multipitch routes, currently all of them situated at the east face. This place is also known for its trad routes, however, most of the routes and especially the new ones are bolted. The potential is enormous. For now (mid of 2013) the crag holds more than 80 routes featuring more than 120 pitches, making it the largest climbing area in the Klang region.

P.Andrey in Hammer Time, 6c+, Battle Field

In sharp contrast to Batu Caves, this place is much closer to nature, less noisy and clean. The trails to the sectors need improvement, but this is a small price you pay for close to city solitude and climbing on excellent rock in a breathtaking environment.

How to Get Here

30 drive minutes out of the KL City Centre will get you to Bukit Takun. From Jalan Kuching drive North on Route 1 direction Rawang. Around 7km after Batu Caves you will see the Cliff to your right while coming down the hill. Keep driving till you can do a U-turn (500m after Shell Petrol Station to the right). After the U-turn take the left lane and turn left just before the petrol station to Templers Park. Reaching a T-junction turn right and skirt the Golf course. 50 meters after the entrance gates of the Golf Course you will reach a Y-Junction where you have to turn left and park 50 m further in front of the guard house.

GPS Coordinates:  3°18’05.0″N, 101°38’23.5″E

You have to register your name with the guard. After the gate follow the road by feet to the last villa (beware of the dogs!) where you head into the jungle. The trail leads straight up to Granite Base (Pussey Key). From there turn right to the Campground or left to the Galactic Cliff. For reaching the lower slopes, take the trail that heads to the left at a large banyan tree just 15 meter after the the Villa’s garden.

Bukit Takun area map
Morning/Afternoon Sun

All routes on the east face (Battle Field, Jenga, Lower Slopes, Galactic Cliff, Granite Base and Big Hole) get sun in the morning before noon. Some of the routes (first pitches) are still in the shade. The central multi-pitch routes can be climbed after 1 pm.

West Bank and Elysium are facing west so are best climbed in the morning. Anna’s Garden is facing south and gets all day shade from May-Sept. Campground is facing north and is in the shade October – March.


Patrick Andrey in Tardigrade, 6c+, Lower Slopes

The sectors

All the sectors and their routes are listed left to right.


This sector constitutes a large ascending ledge on the right portion of Takun West Face. The ledge can be reached via a steep scramble following the path after and above “Elysium”. Exposure and approach are epic and comparable to the effort to get to the base of the Dragon’s Horns. If you want to climb here, better start early, since the sun will reach the wall after 1Pm, and up here there is little shade. Currently there is one route in the making,

Routename Diff m bolts slings equipper first ascent
Man On A Mission
Pitch 1 6c 23 8 P.Andrey, Leong Dee Lu 30.11.2013
Pitch 2 6b+ 27 10 P. Andrey, Brett Streatfeild 01.12.2013
Pitch 3 5c 18 6 P.Andrey 08.12.2013
Pitch 4 5c 28 9 P.Andrey 18.01.2014
Pitch 5 6c 34 12 P.Andrey 24.01.2014



From Ana’s garden you can decend further down and around the corner to get into an amazing cave. The cave and the walls to its left and above constitute this new sector, facing west. The features at the cave ceiling are unique horns allowing to move horizontally in otherwise impossible terrain. The limestone is filled with a lots of quartzite, making the rock quality exceptional.

Routename Diff m bolts slings equipper first ascent
Honourable Husbands 5c 25 8 P.Andrey, B. Streatfeild, A.M.Sanchez 24.12.2013
Tartarus 6b+ 20 8 P.Andrey
Tartarus 2nd pitch 6c 16 5 2 P.Andrey, Leong Dee Lu
FourthyEight 6b+ 17 6 P.Andrey 13.11.2013
Transversalis 7c? 26 11 P.Andrey
Arcadia 6b+ 20 9 P.Andrey
Farewell to Bahktar 8a? 19 9 up the hold-less slab
Francistein 6c 26 10 P.Andrey, Fang Lim 29-Sep-13
21st Climber 6c 27 10 P. Andrey, Fang Lim (rp by Patrick on October 6) 29-Sep-13
21st Climber 2nd pitch 1 unfinished
So Horny 8c? 26 18 P.Andrey, A.M.Sanchez, F. Paquette, Zoe Lim project
Okeanos 7a+ 12 6 1 P.Andrey, F. Paquette, Zoe Lim 01/05/2013


Ana’s Garden

This sector lures at the lowest point of the crag, and faces south, thus is in the shade for most of the day. Conveniently it is also continuously overhanging, so that it stays dray even during rain storms. Currently there are a stunning 3 pitch route, a monster project and a tricky single pitch (with unfinished 2nd pitch) to be admired. More routes to follow.

Routename Diff m bolts slings equipper first ascent
The Swan 8
 Pitch 1 7a 18  8 P. Andrey, A.M. Sanchez  Patrick Andrey, Aug. 2012
 Pitch 2 (project) 6a 25 unfinished  –
 Pitch 1 6c 18 7 P. Andrey, F.L. Lim, A.M. Sanchez Patrick Andrey, July 2012
 Pitch 2 5c 34 9 1 P. Andrey, F.L. Lim, A.M. Sanchez Patrick Andrey, July 2012
 Pitch 3 6b 18 6 1 P. Andrey, F.L. Lim, A.M. Sanchez, G. Chesne Patrick Andrey, Aug. 2012
Project 8b+? 34 12  P. Andrey
Safe Gard 7b+ 20 8 P. Andrey Matthew McGeever, June 2014
Project 8b? 34 15 P. Andrey
Project 7b+? 35 P. Andrey  –


Battle Field

GPS Coordinates:  3°18’06.3″N, 101°38’03.3″E

Take the leftmost trail at the large banyan tree to reach this sector. Or walk down (and left) from Jenga. The rock is defined by a series of large stalactites flowing over granite, limestone and limestone/quartz walls. At around 20m height is an intrusion of blocky granite, which should be climbed with care, since it has kind of alpine character. In the stalactite sections you will find some threads as the soft rock is not suitable for bolt placements. Some of the routes resemble classics of Tonsai (Thailand).

Routename Diff m bolts slings equipper first ascent
Bolt Overdose
 Pitch 1 6c 26 13 1 Atle James Mader, Aug. 2013
 Pitch 2 6c 25 9 P. Andrey, James P. Andrey, James Mader, Aug. 2013
Rock Surgeon
 Pitch 1 6b 29 11 3 A.M. Sanchez, P.Andrey P. Andrey, A.M. Sanchez, Aug. 2013
 Pitch 2 5c+ 14 5 1 P. Andrey, Leong Dee Lu P. Andrey, Aug. 2013
 Pitch 3 5b+ 30 9 P. Andrey, Leong Dee Lu, Fang Lim P. Andrey, Sept. 2013
StegoFargo 7a+ 20 7 P. Andrey P. Andrey, Sept. 2013
Spock’s Girlfriend 6c+ 20 7 A.M. Sanchez, P.Andrey P. Andrey, July 2013
 Ext. (Project) 8a+ 29 12 P.Andrey
Fight or Flight 6a+ 24 8 2 A.M. Sanchez, P.Andrey A.M.Sanchez, July 2013
Aaron Schwarzenegger
 Pitch 1 6a+ 24 10 P. Andrey, Dee Lu, Aaron P. Andrey, July 2013
 Pitch 2 (project) 7a  30  5 P. Andrey
The Flying Swiss Man 6b+ 21 7 3 Aaron Caulin, P.Andrey P. Andrey, Aug. 2013
Hammer Time 6c 21 9 P. Andrey P. Andrey, July 2013
Go with the Flow 6c 25 12 Simon Wilson Simon Wilson, July 2013
Chuck Norris 7a+ 25 12 S.Wilson Ola Przybysz,  ?Jan 2014
Collateral Damage combines Cita con Zita with Go with the Flow
 Pitch 1 6a 27 12 P. Andrey, July 2013
 Pitch 2 6b 17 7 P. Andrey P. Andrey, Feb. 2015
 Pitch 3 6b+ 11 4 P. Andrey P. Andrey, Feb. 2015
Cobwebs be gone 6a+ 10 5 Leong Dee Lu A.M. Sanchez, Aug. 2013
Cita con Zita 5c+ 10 5 A.M. Sanchez A.M. Sanchez, Aug. 2013


Patrick bolting Aaron Schwarzenegger, 6a+ in Sector Battle Field


In the Climb Asia guide book the epic Transtakunian Skyway  is part of the sector “lower slopes”, however, the route starts a bit further down to the left and around a corner, in an area that is a totally different sector from rock appearance and route character.

Jenga is featuring low angled granite slabs that end up at about 17m height. Most easier routes end up here, while others continue into the lime stone section above, either as extension or as second pitch.  The left part of the sector is covered by a large roof, hence stays fairly dry throughout the year. There are routes in all grades, and with “My Baby went surfing” debatably the easiest route in Klang Valley.

The first pitch of Transtakunian is now re-bolted, however, the following pitches are still equipped with old and rusty material. With newly bolted easier and straighter routes at the right it now makes more sense to start the multi-pitch journey with FYS or The Hump, so that the crazy traverse of the first pitch can be avoided. The Hump also has a second pitch into a cave called “Mjolnir” (name of Thor’s hammer), and a third one to follow.


Routename Diff m bolts equipper first ascent
Jumar King 6c+ 30 10 Ian Teh
Weasel’s Penthouse 6b 30 10 P. Andrey 11/02/2013
Year of the Snake 6b+ 15 7 P. Andrey 10/02/2013
Midnight Call 6a+ 15 6 Ian Teh, A.M Sanchez, P.Andrey 11/02/2013
Invaders must die 6a 30 11 P. Andrey 17/03/2013
Bye Bye Jerome 8a? 33 13 A.M. Sanchez, P. Andrey
My Baby went surfing 4a 18 6 P. Andrey 02/02/2013
Power Nap 8a? 30 1 P. Andrey
Gab the Gun 7b 30 10 P.Andrey, F.Paquette
Jenga 6a+ 26 7 3 F.Paquette, P.Andrey
Janus 6a 31 13 A.M. Sanchez, P. Andrey 27/04/2013
Transtakunian Skyway 7a+ P Andrich, D Estey, M Estey, E Burtscher, M Vasse Apr-Jul 1997
1st pitch 5c 18 7 re-bolted by A.M. Sanchez on May25, 2013
2 6c
3 5c
4 6a+
5 6a
6 7a+(A0)
Atle, the Snake Charmer 5c+ 17 7 A.M. Sanchez 12/05/2013
Pungi 7b? 32  13 P. Andrey 18/05/2013
Nothing Box 6c+ 35 14 P. Andrey 25/05/2013
FYS 5c 16 7 P. Andrey 27/04/2013
Unfinished 6c+?  20
The Hump 5c 16 6 F.L. Lim 12/05/2013
Mjolnir 6b 21 12 F.L. Lim, Mike Mosher 26/05/2013


Ian Teh in “Year of the Snake”, 6b+

Lower Slopes

The Lower Slopes have seen new bolting activities since 2012. This sector surprises with beautiful and technical slabs on solid coarse granite, pretty unique for Klang Valley. At the right of the sector there are routes that start with a granite slab and end with vertical limestone. Route lengths in between 18 and 30 meters. All routes are bolted with stainless steel material and feature proper anchors with pig-tails. Distances in between bolts are social.

There are some older routes at the left inclusive the nice 3 pitch climb The King’s birthday. We are going to re-bolt this climb, since the material is heinous and the route needs cleaning.

Routename Diff m bolts equipper first ascent
Tarzan 6a+  22 S. Brown 01/11/1997
The King’s Birthday 6a+  40 P Andrich, D Estey 07-Jun-97
2nd = 4th  of T Skyway 6a+
3rd = 5th of T Skyway 6a
Warrior’s Dance 7b+? 26 11 P. Andrey (bolted 27 jan 2013)
UTI 6a 24 10 P. Andrey 20-Jan-13
A caballo regalado no se le mira el diente 6a 23 11 A.M. Sanchez, F.L. Lim  10-Feb-13
unfinished 6a+ 20 7 Sushi
Tardigrade 6c+ 20 7 P. Andrey (bolted 30 sept 2012) 26-Jan-13
Ancestors’ Territory 6b 20 7 P. Andrey 08-Oct-12
Turn Off 6a+ 18 7 A.M. Sanchez 30-Sep-12
el tren de la arrechera 5b 18 6 P. Andrey 09-Sep-12
the cat is out of the bag 6b 18 6 P. Andrey 08-Sep-12
Graduated Memory Interval 6b 18 6 P. Andrey 08-Sep-12
Gabriel’s Route 6b+ 29 11 P. Andrey 02-Sep-12
Mossicide 6b 29 11 A.M. Sanchez, P. Andrey 02-Sep-12
Mi Gatito y yo 6a+ 30 13 A.M. Sanchez, P. Andrey 12/08/2012
Anger Management 7a 28 11 P. Andrey 25/08/2012
Remember the first time 6a 27 9 F.L. Lim 25/08/2012


Ana Maria Sanchez in her route “Turn off”, 6a+

Galactic Cliff

The Galactic Cliff hosts the best multi pitch routes in the Klang Valley and potential for some ultra hard and long routes. Currently there are 2 new (2012) routes leading up all the way to the top. Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stairway to Heaven are multi pitch classics set up in the late nineties.

Galactic Routes: General Considerations

Galactic routes to the top of Takun are a serious undertaking. The tropics are hot - take plenty of water (recommend 3 litres per person as a minimum).  Helmets are suggested.  The weather can change quickly in this area, and it is not unknown to be engulfed in thunderstorms.  Takun attracts lots of lightening, so avoid the summit in a storm.

Take a watch, monitor your progress, and retreat if you're behind schedule: please leave the area by sunset as not to jeopardise continued access. (Torches are recommended in case of emergency, but please make every effort to leave by sunset).

High angle rescue services are very limited in Malaysia.  Don't get yourself into anything that you can't get yourself out of.

Hand-held radios may be useful.

Gringos in the limelight, 230m,  7b, A0; 8 pitches (7c, 8c?, 7a, 6c, 8b?) 7a+, 6b+, 4c) was set up over a couple of weekends in Spring and first climbed on 18. March 2012, by Patrick Andrey, Travis Kale and David Ascott. The route is fully bolted and does not require additional gear (except maybe a sling at pitch 3 if you wish to shorten the run out). All hard moves can be avoided by pulling on gear, however, on pitch 2 you have to climb around 7b obligatoire to reach the next bolt (unless you have a veeeery long stick clip). This route starts with a steep 7c, combining the first three pitches of Exponential Starter to one epic 38m pitch. Another 7 pitches follow all the way to the true summit of Takun. Pitch 2  and Pitch 5  are the cruxes. Both pitches still await a redpoint ascent. Pitch 6 is one of the coolest 7ens in Malaysia: a stunning and super exposed dihedral 150m off the ground! Be aware of the last pitch (4a) having razor sharp flakes and above the last sling loose blocks. At the last sling traverse right, DO NOT GO STRAIGHT UP! You can walk down or rappel. It is recommended not to rappel this route since it is continuously overhanging and needs back-clipping. Better head to the right for 30 m (towards campground) and look for  rappel bolts. This rappel line follows David and Friend’s new route down to a large ledge from where you can rappel to the ground skipping the first 3 traversing pitches. You need two 60 meter ropes!

Takun descent

The fastest descent is to follow the trail and abseils down to the Campground, then walk back to the guardhouse. This is only recommended if you are already familiar with the route.

Alternatively, rappel down “Get Out Of The Kitchen”:
Start:  30m below the true summit is a small rocky neck marked with a hangerless bolt next to a burned out tree stump.  Rap anchors are visible below the stump.
I (30m) Down the gulley, then gently left to a standing ledge at the top of P8.
II (58m) Straight down to the sling under the stalactite at the start of P7.
III 4b (7m) 1B: scramble left to the next rap anchors
Option: EITHER IV or V
IV (56m) Down to swing into the Cramp Cave.  Quick and easy, but possibility of ropes snagging on featured rock.
V(a) (28m): Down and slightly left to the small platform top of P4.
V(b) (28m): Hard right following the bolt line, then down to the Cramp Cave. This is a highly technical abseil with mandatory back-clipping. Don’t lose contact with the rock.  The second will end up lost in space unless you tie both rope ends into the anchor.
VI (58m): From the lower right of the cave abseil through the trees to the ground.

Routelist We moved two routes from the Granite Base to this sector, since the upper part of those connects.

Routename Diff m bolts equipper first ascent
China Girl 6a+ 30 D Estey, P Andrich 13-Jul-97
Cerro’s Ladder 5c 26 S Brown, G Hustinx, D Estey Apr-97
Stairway to Heaven 6a+ 80 P Andrich, D Estey 07-Dec-97
pitch 1 6a+ 20 up stalactite then move to the right to stance 07-Dec-97
2 5+ 15 through tunnel 07-Dec-97
3 6a+ 20 P Andrich, D Estey, S Brown, C Wilson Jun-99
4 6a+ 20 S Brown, C Wilson Jun-99
Tyrannosaurus Rex 7a+ 80 P Andrich, D Estey Jul-97
1st pitch 6c+
2 7a+ (A0) traverse
3 6b
4 6b
Toes and Tips 6b 18 P Andrich, A Foo 04-Feb-96
Exponential Starter 5c,A0 38 3 pitches (1st RP of all 3 in one by M. Eichdorn) 1996
pitch 1 5c 18 P Andrich, A Foo
2 A0 10 P Andrich, A Foo
3 A0 10 Pitch 3 – P Andrich, M Estey 05-Jan-97
Gringos in the Limelight 8b+ 230 68 3 P. Andrey, T. Kale, D. Acott 18/03/2012
1st pitch 7c 38 13 combines 3 pitches of “exponential starter”
2 8b+ 32 11 boulder off the stance, then technical all the way
3 7a 26 6 sharp rock with boulder move half way up
4 6c 28 10 up the stalactite
5 8b 17 6 right traverse and boulder at the roof; exposed!
6 7a+ 22 8 slab into super dihedral: exposed!
7 6b+ 40 12 sharp rock
8 4a 30 2 3 razor rock!
Cosmic Approach 5,A1 45 P. Andrich, A. Foo 20/01/1996
pitch 1 5
2 A1
3 A0
Get out of the Kitchen 6b+, A0 220 D. Acott, S. Coupleux, C. Emerson
1st pitch; The Acid Test 6b+ 18 7 first three bolts of “red legged cricket”
2; Sweat Bees Don’t Sting 5c+ 22 6 2 left traverse
3 6a 25 4 4 left traverse
4; Golden Thread 6b+/A0 26 12 1 1 aid point
5 5c 14 3 straight up
6 6a 20 6 pitch 5 and 6 can be combined
7 6b+/A0 35 12 2 1 aid point
8 6b+ 28 8 preclip first bolt for safety
9 6a 18 3 2 straight up
10 5b+ 12 2 1 pitch 9 and 10 can be combined
Red Legged Cricket 6b+ 18 S Brown, E Burtscher, M Santo 25-May-97
Jimeny Cricket 6b 18 S Brown, G Hustinx 18-May-97


Gringos in the Limelight
Patrick Andrey belaying Travis Kale from the 5th stance of Gringos in the Limelight during their first ascent with David Acott

Granite Base

The granite base features the classic Pussey Key, which has a bolted start with 4 (basically 3) cool pitches, then moves into an adventure scramble on partly sharp, partly loose rock.

Routename Diff m bolts equipper first ascent
Beginner’s 5 P Andrich 16-Jun-96
Spider Line 6b P Andrich, M Vasse, D Estey, Steve, Matthew Jan-97
Rock Root 6b+ P Andrich, A Foo Mar-96
Pussey Key 6a+ Pitches 1-3 P Andrich, A Foo, Feb-Apr 1996
Pitch 4 P Andrich, M Estey 12-Jan-97
up pitches P Andrich, D Estey, Steve, Yuen Li Mar-97
Raindance 7a+ E Burtscher, M Vasse 97
Magic Sensations 6b P Andrich, D Estey, M Vasse May-97
Hornet Direct 5+ np S Brown, G Hustinx Sep-97


Big Hole

All routes are to the right of the obvious big hole featuring some graffity.

Routename Diff m bolts equipper first ascent
Pra Nang Start 6b+/6c E Burtscher, M Vasse, 07-Dec-97
Purple Haze 6b+ P Andrich, D Estey, G Hustinx Sep-97
Pee Like a Man 6c M Vasse, E Burtscher 14-Dec-97
Bee Calmed 6a+ np S Brown, M Santo, 23-Nov-97
Note: Apparantly, a 3 pitch route requiring nuts and friends takes the direct line of Bee Calmed,
starting at an obvious wide crack right of Pee Like a Man. This route was climbed by Mr Ho, years ago.
93$ Fish 6b D Estey, G Hustinx 23-Nov-97
Hong Kong Pound D Estey, Matthew Nov-98


Following the pass alongside the cliff you will be reaching the saddle where a series of the oldest routes in Takun await. Here is also the start for the scramble to the top.

Routename Diff m bolts equipper first ascent
Red Cloud 4c np P. Andrey 2003
Cheromino 5c+ np P. Andrey 2003
Tatanka Tinka 6a np P. Andrey 2003
Atomic Arms 6c+ 6 Yap Boh Heong, Gary Chong 87
No Name np
Spiderman 2 Yap Boh Heong, Gary Chong 87
No Name np
Terminator 4c np
No Name 7a 7


Path to the top

From the Campground you can climb up to the first ledge then head left (with some bolts) to a point from where you can rope off. Continue to walk and scramble following faint paint markings all the way to the top. Nice view, sometimes exposed and sharp rock.

Produsul crește concentrația spermatozoizilor, stimulează secreția farmaciemea endocrină și exocrină a testiculelor, susține funcționarea normală a glandelor sexuale și contribuie la irigarea normală a regiunii pelvine, îmbunătățind astfel erecțiile și performanțele sexuale. Înghiţiţi comprimatul întreg, cu un pahar cu apă. Mai multe rapoarte si studii de caz deschise sugereaza ca ginkgo biloba poate fi un tratament eficient pentru disfunctii sexuale induse de antidepresive, atat in cazul barbator, cat si a femeilor.

25 thoughts on “Bukit Takun

  1. New route to the right of “KIng’s Birthday”: Called “UTI”, 6a, 26m, 10 bolts (expansion with Mammut Hangers), glue in anchor at the top; first ascent by Patrick Andrey on Sunday, 20th of January 2013. The route follows the obvious crack and later dihedral. Very well protected.

  2. David Acott and friends did the first ascent of their multi-pitch epic on Saturday, 16th of March 2013. No name yet, but climbed at 6b+, A0 with two aid points (4th and 7th pitch).
    More details to follow. The route is open to anyone who wants to grab the first repeat…

    1. The official name is “Get out of the Kitchen”. The route has 10 pitches, whereas pitch 5 and 6 and pitch 9 and 10 can be linked.

        1. Heldige Noah:))) SÃ¥ flott et rom, som vi fÃ¥r krysse fingrene for at snarlig tar det i bruk ogsÃ¥!! VÃ¥r minste er over 3 og sover mellom oss enda…. Gleder meg til han flyttet inn pÃ¥ rommet sitt for godt…FÃ¥ ut lufta av ballen bildet var bare herlig:)) Sov godt i blæsten:) Klem Eva

  3. for anybody who wants to visit the lower slopes, jenga or ana’s garden: do not walk all the way up to pussey key! turn left at the banyan tree, just 15 meters after the last villa. from there a faint trail will lead directly to the lower sectors.

        1. Yea really enjoyed them! Definitely keen going back and trying more… As soon as i can convince more people that the walk in is not that bad.

  4. We just set up a new area within Sector Jenga, next to the first pitch of Transtakunian Skyway; 6 routes are in the 4s and 5s (French scale) and well protected on less than vertical Granite with good holds. Perfect to train lead for beginners!

    1. Latest routes right of Gab the Gun: Jenga 6a+, Janus 6a, Atle, the Snake Charmer 5c, Project (extension of snake charmer) 7a+?, Project (not finished), FYS 5c, The Hump 5c

      1. Extension of snake charmer is called Pungit, 7b?
        To the right is Nothing Box, a 6c
        Some more routes went up right and left, they can be found in the updated routelist of takun

  5. My personal Takun favourites/recommendations so far:

    Mi Gatito y yo (6a+) @ Lower Slopes
    Janus (6a) @ Jenga
    Fight or Flight (6a+) @ Battlefield
    The Swan (7a) @ Ana’s Garden

    1. if I was to list some additional 3 star routes:
      The 21st climber (6c) @ Elysium
      Flacid first pitch (6c) @ Ana’s Garden
      Flacid 2nd pitch (5c)
      Bolt Overdose (6c) @ Battle Field
      Rock Surgeon 3rd Pitch (5b+) @ Battle Field
      Chuck Norris (7b) @ Battle Field
      Death to Invadors (6a+) @ Jenga
      Gab the Gun (7b) @ Jenga
      Tardigrade (6c) @ Lower Slopes
      Anger Management (7a) Lower Slopes
      Gringos in the Limelight 6th pitch (7a+) @ Gigantic Cliff

      1. Thank you guys for the amazing routes and the bolting in the new section ! This is with Nyamuk the best climbing in KL

        So far my favorites:
        Tartarus (6b+) @ Elysium
        FortyEight (6b+) @ Elysium
        Flacid Pitch 1 (6c) @ Ana’s Garden
        Fight or Flight (6a+) @ Battle Field
        Get Out of the kitchen Pitch 4 (6b+ A0) and 7 (6b+ A0) @ Galactic Cliff

  6. Hii guys, interesting information ………..
    Im totally a newbie here, wants to learn about rock climbing ,is there any suggestion how should i start my rock climbing

  7. hello! heading to Takun Feb 10/11, keen on checking out Elysium sector in particular. Would appreciate it if anyone could share a link to a topo of the routes at Elysium! Thanks :d

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